Man… or Astro-man? Poster

Recently I’ve been working on a portfolio piece for a fictional record store called Orbit Records. It’s a sci-fi retro theme and I ended up making a bunch of vector shapes for it. I never ended up using the UFO or the black hole shapes I made so I took those and put them in a poster with a completely different feel from that project and made something new. I am a big fan of silk screened posters and used that style of bold color and simplicity (I plan to make silk screen versions of the poster in the future).

Since middle school, one of my favorite bands has been Man… or Astro-man?, a really interesting 90s revival surf band (they had a lot of influence on that surf song I recorded). They have a sci-fi theme to their music and artwork so I ended up theming the poster around them. I never decided on what the top of the poster should say, so it still reads as gibberish for now.

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