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Summer Fun

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Clown Illustration

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Watch Vector and Editorial Layout

Several years ago I painstakingly recreated a wrist watch in vector using Adobe Illustrator and created these editorial fake magazine layouts.

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Pixies Havalina and Velvet Underground I’m Set Free

I’ve always thought the bridge section of the Pixie’s “Havalina” sounded exactly like the bridge of Velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free”, except instead of a slide guitar it is Frank Black’s voice.

Does anyone else think it sounds similar?

Velvet Underground – I’m set Free (at 2:09)


Pixies – Havalina (at 1:16)

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Killer Snowman

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Modern Geometric Christmas Designs

These are some modern graphic designs with a Christmas theme. I made them in 2013, but never got around to posting them.

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Arab Beats Vol 1 – Middle Eastern Beats and Arab Hip-Hop Instrumentals

A collection of Middle Eastern beats and arab hip-hop instrumentals I released under my artist name Grayso. These beats were made by sampling vintage Middle Eastern music from various countries such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan. I created these tracks between 2013-2015 where they lived on my Soundcloud and the collection was officially released on Bandcamp in 2016. The album is pay-what-you-want so download it for free if you like, or pay what you think it is worth! I plan on making more Middle Eastern beats in a follow-up Volume 2 in the future.

Download here for free (or pay what you want)!


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Snake Eyes


First drawing with the Apple Pencil on iPad/Procreate

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Vector Ray Gun


A ray-gun I created in Adobe Illustrator using vector shapes and gradients. It is based on a photo of a toy from the 1950s/60s. I made this in 2012.


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Jack Skellington Glass Figure

I used to blow glass off and on for a few years. I mainly worked with borosilicate, but at one point I experimented with moretti glass. It is more liquidy and less forgiving, but is good for sculpting figures once you get the hang of it.

Here is a Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) figure I made around 2008-2009. The green slime extending from his hand is his “soul robber” which was a feature the character had in the videogame; I just included it as a support function so he would be able to stand.


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