Freehand Pen and Ink Drawing



Came across this drawing from a few years ago I scanned from one of my notebooks. It was done with pen and cleaned up digitally.

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Outpost Gala Website

out-gala-mockup04-1000pxThis is the website I designed for a local non-profit music organization called Outpost. This was a mini-site for a fundraising event they held. The “GALA” logo itself was inspired by quirky mid-century jazz record covers.

Here are a few early drafts of the site’s design:   1,   2,   3

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Puppet Rap Campaign Reform Ad

I had a school assignment (2013) to make an ad addressing the problem of “winner takes all” style of elections.

My idea for the ad was what every political ad should feature… puppet rap!

The problem I was assigned to address was that when a party wins, they get to choose all the cabinet positions, etc, instead of dividing the government equally into the percentages each party got in the polls. Apparently, other countries divide their governments up like this and it works better.
As far as the message goes, I personally believe that this specific issue is a small matter of concern. At least when compared to the rampant institutionalized corruption of money in politics, but, alas this is what was assigned.

This was a project done in regards to the Canadian government (my school was Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC), but both issues apply to the USA.

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Identity Crisis

Short stop motion I made in 2006.

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Maniac Cop

hero_stamp-vector_web600_wm copy

A poster I made for the 1988 cult classic, Maniac Cop. It’s a mockup I did for a design project a few years ago in which I tried to emulate the look of designer Shepard Fairey. Fairey himself emulates the style of vintage design and adds a crisp and bold modern feel. I too, love the geometrically balanced appear of vintage design elements and it was a fun project to work on.

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