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Modern Geometric Christmas Designs

These are some modern graphic designs with a Christmas theme. I made them in 2013, but never got around to posting them.

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Christmas Dog Videos / Microsite

I was in charge of making a holiday video for our office (Christmas 2013). The video features all of the office workers’ dogs singing deck the halls. I personally did all of the audio, editing, post-production and most of the filming.

In addition I designed a small web page for the project which we distributed via email blast. I ended up having some fun editing and came up with two bonus videos, which were essentially credits and bloopers.


Main Christmas Video

 70s Style Credits





Click here to visit the mini-site. Make sure to mouse over the tiny dog icon!

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Santa Claus The Movie (1985)

My friend really likes this movie and grew up with it as a child. I suggested we watch it during Christmas time and so we did. However, I didn’t like it as much as he did; I think its one of those things where it helps if you grew up with it. Its the story of a man who lives in an old cabin who almost dies in the snow, but is picked up by some elves and made to be Santa Claus. For some reason this isn’t really a big deal to him and he immediately accepts it. A lot of the film is people just dicking around in Santa’s workshop figuring out how to best make toys and I thought this was really boring. However, the film then focuses on a rich girl who lives in New York City and gets more interesting from there on. The girl is friends with a homeless boy and they hang out often. I thought it was a bit lame that after they are done hanging out he kinda just goes back outside into the cold to live on the streets again, even though she has a ton of room in her house. Later, Santa discovers this boy is homeless and feels bad so he befriends him and takes care of him. Oh, by the way, none of the other homeless people in New York get any help from Santa (fend for yourselves, losers!). I guess Santa thinks that this is the only homeless person there and he’s already done his job and is free to give nice gifts to people that have homes.

Later in the film, Jon Lithgow is a rich capitalist toy manufacturer that befriends an elf and uses the elf magic to sell more toys. Lithgow’s character is definitely the highlight of the film because he’s so over the top, as always.

First Impression: 3/5



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Christmas Evil (aka You Better Watch Out) (1980)

Once again, I wasn’t expecting much but had to see another film about a killer Santa. I had just watched Silent Night, Deadly Night recently and remembered that this was one my list as well (I checked it twice!). After watching both films, it seems apparent that Silent Night got a lot of it’s inspiration from this one. Though, while there are quite a few similarities, each stands on it’s own as unique. I really enjoyed Silent Night and was pleasantly surprised to find that Christmas Evil was just as good. Christmas Evil, which was originally called You Better Watch Out before they realized a shorter and more clever title, is quite a bit more low budget. It’s not as crisp or clean, but its well made for the most part and a good film. Its a bit darker than Silent Night, literally and figuratively, as it feels a bit more deranged and most of the film is shot in low lighting. There is much less dialogue than most films and I think this helps add to the tension, which Christmas Evil provides excellently in it’s dark winter atmosphere.

First Impression: 4/5



couldn’t find a proper trailer but this has some footage¬†

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Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Silent Night, Deadly Night is the charming story of a boy who sees his parents murdered and raped by a street thief dressed as Santa Claus. As the boy grows up, the head of his Catholic orphanage thinks it’s best to not have him go to therapy over this. The result is some great VHS cover art of a Santa carrying a bloody axe.

A 1980s film about a murderous Santa? I thought this would be much more cheesy than it was. Silent Night actually turned out to be a pretty impressive film that, while not a life-changing drama, was a bit deeper than I had anticipated. I also heavily enjoyed the retro aspect of the film; a toy store is often shown, complete with old Star Wars toys and dated animatronic seasonal displays.

I planned on enjoying this film just by the sheer premise of the plot, but was pleasantly surprised with a new addition to my favorite Christmas films.

First Impression: 4/5



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Black Christmas (1974)

Black Christmas is an awesome movie that lives up to it’s awesome poster artwork. It’s a good movie for the holiday season, which is when I watched it but didn’t have time to review it til now…

The basic plot isn’t that original, but the way the movie is made feels very unique. It has really great characters, especially the sexy Margot Kidder as Barb. I was really into her has being the main character until the movie kind of shifted and it turns out she’s just a side character. That was unexpected, but it worked (and don’t worry, that really didn’t spoil anything for you). The movie also has John Saxon, the cop from Nightmare On Elm St, and he plays a cop in this film as well.

As I said, it’s not the most original of plots, but the atmosphere and general impression the film makes is truly unique and I highly recommend it. Black Christmas is the A Christmas Story of holiday themed horror… in fact, they were both made by the same director!

First Impression: 5/5


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